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Security, digitalization and a winning team: Roberto Selci's recipe for facing a new era

"Today, more than ever, we are called on to guarantee the safety of our collaborators, employees, customers, suppliers and all the people who interact with our company. To write the future, you certainly need security, but also digitalization and a winning team" underlines Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse.

"We are committed to ensure that the most stringent and effective protection measures are applied in all working environments so that health is preserved and put first. However, we are also called to be responsible for the production continuity of businesses and supply chains, on which the entire economic system is based, not only at national level, but also globally.

With the awareness that the health emergency has seriously affected the community, it is necessary to ensure that the industrial world adopts the most advanced practices for the protection of the health of its people. And it is for this reason that, in addition to the national regulations already implemented and thanks to the approval of an extraordinary economic investment, we have implemented a serological screening process for our employees. The test has already been administered to hundreds of employees, on a voluntary basis, starting with the production departments and field technicians of the offices.

The restart of companies and production activities, driven and guaranteed by the entrepreneurial commitment that distinguishes us, implies and conditions the future and the well-being of the territory; indeed, the continuity of the country system depends on our decisions, in compliance with every provision and legislative decree. In this context it is therefore important to draw a teaching that implies a look towards the future.

The ongoing health emergency will speed up the processes that were already underway in the industrial world, primarily the digitization of factories. As a Group we have invested heavily in the transition to the digital world and will continue to invest. We have hired people, created new skills, acquired tools following a precise vision and a strong strategy, but we must deal with a context in very strong evolution. As I remember, machinery, commonly called “iron”, was studied first and the PLC and software came after.  Today, it is exactly the opposite: you choose a software, a process for what you want to achieve, and then you think about the machines.
Today we speak another language, we must be aware of it in order to look to the future while continuing to be successful. Our vision for the future focuses on the assets that have ensured the success of our company in recent years. Software solutions, new services and IoT platforms will simplify and rationalize work management more and more, optimizing technology performance and productivity. At the same time, product innovation, thanks to investments in research and development, will continue to guarantee new solutions, both in the wood and glass & stone sectors and in the advanced materials and ceramic sectors, where we have excellent growth margins. Also, thanks to these investments, we will emerge stronger from this uncertain situation.

We are refining our organizational system to be more compact, cohesive, working with clear and shared objectives: being a "single body" and not separate companies will give us an edge. It cannot be otherwise for those who, like us, put customers, branches and retailers first and therefore understand how essential it is to speak the same language with all of them and reason with the same paradigms. This involves reviewing our processes, choosing the most suitable and making it the standard of all our activities to define, develop and produce the product in order to deliver it to our customers.

The important thing is to keep up with the times: businesses are made dynamic and current by the people who work there, who bring ideas and new ways of working. We must be able to adapt to the new scenarios which we are called to understand, analyze and face today. The team at this moment allows us to react.  We are faced with completely new dynamics, which no one would have ever imagined, and we must bring together all the skills we have in the company and look for paths that have not yet been traveled to reach the goal. All business owners and managers who sit at the top must be aware of this, because if we manage the business as we used to in the past, we will not be able to seize all opportunities that will surely come".


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