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The world of Biesse Group through the experiences of people who "live" it.

A new way of discovering the company, the way of thinking of its leaders, the technological innovation that does it credit, the testimonies of the people who have chosen it to grow, the events that have marked it and the tales of the people who make it grows every day thanks to their skills and their passion.

ISSUE 05|2017

Knowledge, connection, action.

Of the five senses, touch is perhaps the most sophisticated and extended: this sense is based in the skin, which has around 130 receptors per square centimetre, capable of collecting external stimuli and providing us with essential information - such as the sensations of hot or cold - through the nervous system, which decodes the signals received from these receptors.

ISSUE 04|2017

Curiosity, creativity, commitment.

Curiosity is a noble instinct, one that improves the understanding of what surrounds us, and whose value is neutralized when turned to indiscretion. In its highest form, curiosity is a virtue and a source of knowledge; it’s what drives us to make new experiences and discover new things. And if the cover page of this issue, dedicated to experience, strikes your “curiosity”, then we will have reached our goal: pushing you to explore the reasoning behind the image.

ISSUE 03|2017

Competence, motivation, satisfaction.

The reason Biesse Group can keep looking to the future is that we work every day to earn the Trust of our employees, of our suppliers, of our business network and of those who use our technology to grow.

ISSUE 02|2016

Authenticity, courage, growth.

“Tempo, comunque vadano le cose lui passa…”. This opening line from a famous Italian song - which means “However things go in life, time continues to pass” - is the driving force which motivates us to put the time that we have to the best possible use.
Indeed, we have chosen time, and the various interpretations of this concept, as the underlying theme of this issue of Make.

ISSUE 01|2016

Innovation, evolution, emotion.

Movement is a simple word, and one that is easy to understand, but at the same time, it encompasses a number of different concepts.
Movement is change, when it departs from stasis to evolve and improve, just like Biesse’s Make: here, too, we have created a new format, in order to make it easier to read and to allow more space for contents and case histories.
Move through the pages of this issue, discover what we do, allow yourselves to be inspired, and you will see that just like Biesse Group, everything moves.



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