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Biesse forms Alliance with Shinx in Japan for Technology Sharing and Market Expansion

The woodworking industry in Japan is full of its individualistic elements that are important to shape the industry’s characteristic, making it complex but at the same time a compelling challenge to tap into.

Japan’s distinctive woodworking market remains a trial, especially to western machinery manufacturers due to the country’s widespread of wood processing solutions offered not only by the large organisations but also small and medium-sized local companies.

Biesse’s footing in Japan started over 20 years ago with a local distributor with whom Biesse maintained a profitable and successful relationship. “We are very happy to have developed and spread the Biesse brand across East Japan since many years ago with our distributor. With Shinx, we hope to further expand the use of Biesse technologies in Japan” said Mr. Daniele Campetella, the managing director of Biesse in Asia.

The goal of Biesse, a global leader in the design and production of technological solutions, is to fortify a more significant presence in Japan, in line with the same strength already exist in other advanced markets in the world. The commercial alliance with Shinx, a market leader in Japan with unparalleled knowledge and experience of the local woodworking machining needs, will see both companies sharing a fundamental synergy of machining technology, distribution network and technical support in the Japanese market that will subsequently strengthen brand positioning and market share of both parties.

With a solid expansion plan with Shinx, we will not hide the ‘double-digit’ quota that we will reach in a fairly brief time” said Mr. Campetella on his short term goal of the alliance. On choosing Shinx as an equal partner, Mr. Federico Broccoli, the subsidiary director of Biesse said “There are a lot of opportunities in place for both companies. While Biesse and Shinx are two manufacturers of individual fortes and experiences, both companies share the same values of integrity and technical sensibility that anchor the policies, objectives, procedures and strategies of both parties.” Biesse provides high technological support and a complete product range, while Shinx leverages on its capillary distribution with a team of expert sales personnel and technicians ready to be at service.

To affirm the alliance, a shared identity of Shinx-Biesse is developed and will be used to signify the complementary strengths of both companies that customers in Japan can take advantage of. The Shinx-Biesse alliance will be inaugurated with a joint open-house on 13th and 14th June 2018 in Shizuoka with two ranges of edgebanders, a 5-axis CNC machining centre and a seminar on Biesse’s software.



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