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Roberto Selci
Change is subject to our rules.

A perpetual revolution, guided by the digital technologies that are transforming the language of tomorrow. In order to write the future, flexibility, tenacity and a winning team are essential, as Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse, reiterates.

"I have very clear ideas. I know that my task is to create strategies that a team of managers can then put into practice, with the awareness that we must be very skilled and very attentive, because we are right in the midst of a real revolution: an industrial transition from iron to digitalisation, as I like to describe it, and we must continue to navigate through this process as we have been doing to date."
This concerns more than just the product.
"I don't think everyone will be able to succeed in following the path that lies before us, because significant investment is essential, and not all companies have the resources for this. For our part, we have invested heavily in the transition to the world of digital technologies, and we know that we need to invest even more. We have hired people, developed new skills and acquired innovative tools, driven by a precise vision and a strong strategy, yet we are only halfway there,because we find ourselves working within a context which is undergoing a profound evolution. Before we focused our attention on "iron", as I often say, concentrating on machines, and then only later turning to programmable logic controllers (plc) or software. Today, the exact opposite is true: now, we select a software, an approach to working that is suited to the results we want to achieve, and only then do we begin to think about the machine. All this requires us to be very flexible, skilled and simultaneously extremely steadfast and determined, so that we can seize these new opportunities, sticking to our course regardless of the size of the boat that we are navigating. We are at the dawn of a new horizon, a new world that will no doubt bring a host of benefits: today, the machines are bona fide cells, and the lines are the machine! There has been a leap forwards from many perspectives: this is the current scenario, and if we do not work with the premise that today another new language is being spoken, we will find it difficult to look to the future. This language is the one spoken among young engineers in their thirties, who take a completely different approach that the once that we once knew."
The strength of the team.
"This aspect is fundamental. We are refining our organisational system in order to ensure that we are more compact and cohesive, working with clear shared objectives: being a "single body" instead of a number of separate companies will give us an extra edge. This is the only way forward for companies like us, who always put the customer first, with subsidiaries and retailers coming in close behind, and who understand how essential it is to speak the same language with each of them, and to base our discussions on the same paradigms. This requires us to review our processes, selecting the most suitable of these and making it the standard for all our activities, in order to define, develop, produce and deliver the product to our customers. We are creating a unique "Biesse standard", in order to provide our customers with excellence from every point of view, right down to the smallest detail. The concept of "Made in Biesse", a recurrent theme that has accompanied us in the past, remains absolutely valid – indeed, even more so today – because I believe in people, but our people must be guided according to the Biesse standard, in order to enable them to work better, following defined processes and improving every day."

The people who work for companies, and who must bring a wealth of ideas to the table, are what enables them to remain young and current.

Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse

Quality is a standard.
"It is an important challenge, because I know what we have to do. I don't have a magic wand, but I am aware of the difficulties that need to be overcome, and the opportunities that are there to be seized. To succeed, we must have a standard which provides the foundations for the high quality machines that we create – machines that can work twenty-four hours a day without any problem, courtesy of adequate processes and the people who work with them, who are clear about their objectives. And each person, as I always say within company, must do his or her job. The Biesse that I have in mind is a structure that is capable of moving forward on its own, and which does not depend on individuals but rather on the strength of a team: an organism that has a life of its own thanks to the teamwork which underpins it – together, we have created a range of extremely well-defined tools, methods, processes and objectives, and within this framework, everyone knows what they have to do."
A new generation.
"The important thing is to remain in step with the times: the people who work for companies, and who must bring a wealth of ideas to the table, are what enables them to remain young and current. These companies must also be able to adapt to "new young people", who are completely different to our generation: the figures at the top of the corporate hierarchy must be aware of this – if we continue to manage the business as we have been used to doing in the past, we will fail to seize all the opportunities out there. Will we need to do even better, to do more? Probably. Someone said that over the next twenty years, the changes that we will see in industry will have a far greater reach than those that have taken place over the last three hundred years. We can play a part in this, and it is our intention to do so."

50 Years

An anniversary that’s more than just a celebration. Biesse is celebrating 50 years, but we want to look to the next 50, when the things we imagine today will become who we are tomorrow. Every innovation ever created has stemmed from a yearning for the future and has since become a stepping stone in our history.
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The new edition features a new headline and refined but modern graphics, and will tell the story of the past 50 years of the company, as well as the 50 years that await us. CINQUANTA, intentionally left in Italian, is the key word around which this special edition is centred, celebrating history and imagining the future through a fascinating combination of interviews and customer stories which share a focus on the future, in addition to reflections from the experts, engineers, architects and designers who are already shaping this future.


50 Years
Future makes history.

Biesse celebrates 50 years of innovation and technology, remembering half a century of history and success, with an irrepressible focus on the future.

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