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Inside in Action, the transformation of business communications.

An event that sets new standards for product and business communications, and an opportunity to discuss with Raphaël Prati, Biesse Marketing & Communications Director, about the meaning and implications of this approach.

“During the lockdown, we launched a webinar series called “Tech Talk”, focused on crossindustry topics, to deliver interesting contents through our digital channels, not limited to our specific sector. We involved many people in our company and we realized it was a big step, it could be the start of something new, maybe even an accurate reflection on our methods to communicate about our products, our business, ourselves. This is the origin of “Inside in action”…”.

That's the start of our interview with Raphaël Prati, whom we met on October 20 in Pesaro, searching for new ways to present the big event organized by the Pesaro-based group to present itself through digital and live events and stories. “The experience of the first months of this year has left indelible marks in Biesse's communication schemes, exhibition activities, the search for alternative options to replace hundreds of visits we used to have in Pesaro and in our subsidiaries around the world. Just like the digital versions of newspapers are complementary to printed copies, and not substitutes, we have seen that the new approaches we have gradually developed in recent years - and especially in recent months - are very helpful and actually redefine the concept of communication quality. Every year, on average, we attended some fifty exhibitions and hosted thousands of visitors, plus some four thousand guests at "Inside Biesse" in October. A huge mass of contacts, meetings and relations that will still be subject to restrictions, limitations, additional costs and time... We have been suddenly projected into a new cultural dimension, a totally different situation on a global scale.
Things have changed inside companies first, forcing every organization to focus immediately on the health of their employees and to adopt smart working for thousands of people overnight. Such change has been enabled by efficient organization and IT resources, as everyone had a laptop or tablet. We also changed our way of communicating and working together, achieving results we could not imagine. Not to mention the benefits of this type of relations for individuals when they switch from remote working, i.e. doing the same things they did before in a similar way, to smart working, i.e. reorganize time schedules and tasks to leverage the value of people and increase their responsibilities. How could we transfer this experience to our relations with the outside world? Even during the toughest weeks, we received many requests of contact, information and projects that suggested that the market had not disappeared, that people still had a strong need to discover new solutions. We immediately realized that we had to expand and enhance our range of digital tools, and we found out that such tools were perfectly suitable for some tasks (such as, selling an edgebanding machine), as we could deliver all the necessary information up to order placement".

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