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Approved the Consolidated interim report and the Group Business Plan 2021-2023.

The Board of Directors of Biesse S.p.A. approved the Consolidated Report for the First Half 2021 and the Group’s Business Plan for the period 2021-2023.

On the sidelines of today's Board of Directors meeting, Group CEO Roberto Selci commented:
“We are satisfied of, the Group’s results in the first half of this year deeply impacted by the effects of the health emergency. We have experienced and are still experiencing periods of severe turbulence, with impacts on the cost of raw materials and logistics that inevitably affect our margins.
But what we have achieved in these first six months also shows our ability to deal quickly and effectively with the difficult times we are going through, demonstrating we are an important and reliable global player.
On the balance sheet side, we have maintained a strong focus on the dynamics of net operating working capital and a constant focus on cash generation. At the end of June, the Group’s net financial position was very positive, improving further on last December. Today we have even approved the Organic Group’s Business Plan for the period 2021-2023 which, beyond the guidance contained therein, reaffirms all the key aspects of our identity and are part of our lifeblood.
Internally we are undergoing a profound transformation process to become more of a resilient and efficient group. It is a simplification that affects the entire organizational structure as well as our very way of doing business. We want to make the changes that we believe are essential to realise the One Company concept and make it into a driver of success. For us, One Company means having a single, integrated vision, standardise and uniform the projecting processes, the implementation satisfying our customer needs. We have never stopped investing in research and development, just as we want to continue to expand and strengthen our international presence, which remains a priority. Our strength has always been to ensure proximity and service to our customers; to make them feel they are at the heart of our plans. Clearly, new technical solutions and the increasing connectivity of our products – in essence the digital evolution– are part of an irreversible process, but a widespread sales and distribution presence is still our core strength. We put a lot of emphasis on the themes of sustainability and social responsibility. The principles enshrined in the acronym ESG will be always an integral part of our activities and taken well beyond regulatory obligations. We want to consolidate our international leadership, regain efficiency and productivity without foreclosing any possible chance of external growth, even in spite of an uncertain scenario and still with many socio-economic unknowns to be resolved.”
Read the full press release on biessegroup.com - Investor Relations area.


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