Study as a leader. Become together.


Continuous professional growth also helps foster and enhance professional relationships. Three young people who starred in Future Lab share their secrets and ambitions.

Headquarter Controller

25 years

How did you react when you learned you were among the hundred young people selected for the project?
"I definitely thought I was lucky! The company invests in young people, and I'm really happy to be part of the project".
Do you feel ready to be one of the managers of tomorrow, to take on so much responsibility?
"It would be a great opportunity! I currently work in Management Control for Biesse and it would be great to become a director there in the future, like a real manager!".
What did you learn from Future Lab?
"To be ambitious. To not be afraid of stepping forward, of pushing for your ideas. You need to have a clear vision, of course, and be willing to put it into practice".

Sales Engineer / Biesse Systems

27 years old

How did the Future Lab meetings work? What did you do exactly?
"We were given an opportunity to learn about the guiding principles and 'secrets' of leadership and Project Management, which are crucial features these days. Teamwork was another secret weapon for this project: we learned that collective work plays a determinant role in such a large company".

What, in your opinion, is the key feature of a true leader?
"Being ready to collaborate. It's something I try to do every day!".

A leader is a person who is capable of collaborating and forming a team. What are your goals in Biesse?
"I love to live in the moment. Today, I'm a Biesse Systems sales engineer. I specialise in systems, a sector that is constantly evolving and where there's something new to learn every day".

Sales Engineer

28 years old

What were your expectations for this training program?
"That it would give talent a hearing and improve our professional skills. It's truly positive that Biesse invests in its young people, not just for the work environment but also on the personal level: we get to know each other so we can better work together".

How did you get along with your colleagues?
"I already knew some of them, and I got to know others over these days: It's definitely nice to be able to share work experiences with people who are your own age, learning more from each other".
Future Lab stimulates the qualities and attributes to form leaders for tomorrow.
"The path to becoming a leader is definitely a long one. It all starts with contemplating the work you do every day, how we face work and how we can make our work even more effective. Future Lab provided us with the right stimulus".
Where do you see yourself in the future?
"I like trying out new environments and new experiences. A managerial role allows for such a multi-disciplinary approach. Who knows, it definitely opens several different doors".

We are Biesse

To be part of the Biesse Group Team means belonging to a dynamic, interfunctional and stimulating business which offers young school leavers and graduates the opportunity of following personalised training courses. It also gives professionals who wish to reinforce and broaden their skill set the opportunity of taking up new and exciting challenges.



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