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One might think mechanics and technology are a man’s prerogative. But four successful women in Biesse show that with energy, enthusiasm and a different perspective any challenge can be faced and overcome.

Claudia Neri
Sales Planner

52 years old, from 25 in Intermac

Why Biesse?
“Because I wanted to work for a company that is a leader worldwide and for the feeling of working with a team that wins”.
What is working with Biesse like?
“Motivating and stimulating, the company is dynamic by nature. It’s the same energy that helped me through challenging times, triggering processes that brought about change”.
Your greatest satisfaction so far?
“Every time I know that I have helped overcome an issue and the work done gets recognised. I like the thought that Intermac’s growth and my career followed the same timeline! That’s probably why they call it ‘historic memory’ “.
What added value does a woman bring to an environment where men are the majority?
“Knowing how to accept and adapt to constant changes adding a different perspective that broadens horizons and finds alternative solutions with precision, perseverance and determination”.

Lucia Candalia
Product Marketing

36 years old, from 17 in Biesse

Why Biesse?
“Because it is a top company, a standard for other companies to measure up to, but also a place for young people who want to work for a large international company”.
What is working with Biesse like?
“Stimulating and hectic, we never stop, it’s one project after another as we keep aiming higher”.
Your greatest satisfaction so far?
“Achieving objectives and always being enthusiastic about setting further objectives. Like having accepted the challenge, after many years with Biesse, of taking on a new challenge with Intermac without fearing the change“.
What added value does a woman bring to an environment where men are the majority?
“It’s true that we are a small minority and that the sector is mainly occupied by men, but much depends on a person’s ‘character’ how one interacts with colleagues in a professional context”.

Niki Kaltsounis-Kampiziones
Executive VP

43 years old, from 22 in Biesse

Why Biesse?
“I have had the privy to experience all facets of operating a business on a local level that is also part of a global conglomerate. In my years at Biesse, I have been challenged with facing the struggles and opportunities in both expanding and recessionary economic cycles”.
What is working with Biesse like?
“It is both gratifying and challenging on both a business and personal level”.
Your greatest satisfaction so far?
“Helping build and being part of a team that works as a team with a shared ultimate goal in mind: customer success stories“.
What added value does a woman bring to an environment where men are the majority?
“In order to “compete” in an industry and in a company dominated by men, a woman brings to the table patience and listening skills and these traits help bring a different perspective and approach to a decision or problem solving strategy. It is also beneficial to be humble and show a willingness to learn: this attitude can be very beneficial for the company and for our customers”.

Sara Pasquali
HR Manager Biesse Asia

35 years old, from 8 in Biesse

Why Biesse?
“Because values like teamwork, internationalism and professional growth show up all the time. In my case, Biesse also offers the opportunity for a personal and professional experience in Asia, a culture that is very different from the West”.
How is working with Biesse like?
“Every day brings new challenges in a dynamic environment where one can feel part of the process. Now that I’m on a different continent and far from HQ, I also get to see the company from a different perspective”.
Your greatest satisfaction so far?
“The first was having been able to have a career experience abroad: a challenging experience but a fascinating one and a chance to grow. The second was seeing how strongly my colleagues in the East feel they are part of the Biesse team, even though they are very distant from Italian culture“.
What added value does a woman bring to an environment where men are the majority?
“Where men are the majority, but especially in a predominately technical environment, women have a lot to offer. They know how to manage people and they’re pragmatic and bring lots of energy!”.

We are Biesse

To be part of the Biesse Team means belonging to a dynamic, interfunctional and stimulating business which offers young school leavers and graduates the opportunity of following personalised training courses. It also gives professionals who wish to reinforce and broaden their skill set the opportunity of taking up new and exciting challenges.



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