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Alessandra Parpajola
Planning for a more sustainable future.

The corporate dimension and the complexities of the environment in which companies operate today serve to demonstrate the necessity of transforming natural entrepreneurial drive into a corporate governance tool supported by a very precise strategy.

In an interview with the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Pope Francis spoke of the need for "work and creative genius to achieve a new economic order": we must go back to our roots, which lie in the civil economy which arose in the second half of the eighteenth century with Antonio Genovesi, founded on a concept that has once more come to prominence today – the idea that a company should focus its interest not only on shareholders, but also on other social actors and their well-being, seeking to forge an ever closer alliance with the local territory and with the institutions that are part of it. This is not for utilitarian or deontological purposes, but rather as part of a fundamental belief that doing business and undertaking entrepreneurial activities should consider the community which these activities affect.
Biesse's goal is expressed through the word Thinkforward: a drive to look ahead and anticipate the future, not only establishing new standards of technological innovation, but also seeking to make the company a place of social creation, brining a dual value to the business – economic and civil. Today, Biesse is a global business with a presence across the globe – or as someone once described it, a pocket-sized multinational – a company with a strong Italian identity which is capable of communicating with its stakeholders on the basis of the core values that set it apart: innovation, reliability and respect. Respect for workers, customers, the territory and the community in which Biesse operates, in the knowledge that today, doing business means envisaging a more sustainable future, from an economic, social and environmental perspective.
Synergy with the territory
The process of globalisation that we are currently experiencing poses a challenge for key economic players and for the various geographical areas concerned, but it also represents a great opportunity: to understand that feeling closely allied and united in a relationship based on reciprocity is an essential condition in order to enable us to continue to evolve in a positive way. The "new" type of alliance between business and territory must be founded above all on the belief that both can only develop positively if they work together, and that accordingly, they must "take care of one another" as part of a mutually beneficial relationship in which not only the region but also all stakeholders can enjoy the advantages of the widespread skills that the company makes available.

Today, the company should focus its interest not only on shareholders, but also on other social actors and their well-being, seeking to forge an ever closer alliance with the local territory and with the institutions that are part of it.

Alessandra Parpajola, Member of Boards of Directors

Focus on the environment
For many years, Biesse has been pursuing a series of initiatives and strategies to minimise the environmental impact of its business activity. The Group is dedicated to researching and seeking out the most appropriate solutions in order to guarantee responsible use of resources, reduce energy consumption and improve management of atmospheric emissions.. The goal is to produce in a better way, paying close attention to natural resources, consuming less energy and fewer resources and optimising the management of environmental aspects (resources, water, waste, raw materials), in order to leave future generations with a less depleted and more habitable environment. For this reason, we redesign and perfect our products with great care, with a view to ensuring that these have a lower environmental impact in terms of longer life and flexibility, energy savings and greater recyclability of components.
Human capital
Biesse believes that the true capital of the company lies in its people, and as such, it is in people that Biesse has decided to invest over recent years, focusing all activities on caring for and protecting employees, promoting their well-being whilst fully respecting cultural diversity. Indeed, the sheer diversity that characterises the Group in terms of nationalities, religion and culture, within its 39 legal entities across the world, is viewed as a competitive advantage, as expressed by the motto "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities". The Group believes that solid, continuous growth and economic success can only be achieved if people are not disregarded along the way; on the contrary, Biesse invests in its people, through specific development plans and initiatives focused on skill refinement. It is the view of Biesse that continuous learning is one of the keys to success, and accordingly, every year, the Group organises special days at the Pesaro site, dedicated to providing employees of the branches and business partners with in-depth information on product innovations and new sales tools: this is how the Sales Academies were established for the Group's sales staff.
Furthermore, Biesse's belief in providing training for talented young individuals has led us to invest in the Future Lab project for a number of years. Aimed at young people recruited over the last few years, this initiative was launched with a view to designing paths for professional growth and for the development of personalised skills. Finally, Biesse is deeply convinced that, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a process of "hybridisation" of skills is necessary between the different generations of professionals. For this reason, the Group is currently finalising a cross-mentoring and corporate reorganisation project, in order to drive the business to develop a corporate style characterised by inclusive participation, to understand the customer's requirements from their perspective, and to provide technologies that are increasingly able to anticipate the needs expressed by the market in a pioneering manner

50 Years

An anniversary that’s more than just a celebration. Biesse is celebrating 50 years, but we want to look to the next 50, when the things we imagine today will become who we are tomorrow. Every innovation ever created has stemmed from a yearning for the future and has since become a stepping stone in our history.
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The new edition features a new headline and refined but modern graphics, and will tell the story of the past 50 years of the company, as well as the 50 years that await us. CINQUANTA, intentionally left in Italian, is the key word around which this special edition is centred, celebrating history and imagining the future through a fascinating combination of interviews and customer stories which share a focus on the future, in addition to reflections from the experts, engineers, architects and designers who are already shaping this future.


50 Years
Future makes history.

Biesse celebrates 50 years of innovation and technology, remembering half a century of history and success, with an irrepressible focus on the future.

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